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Aliquippa Diversity Council

We honor and respect all of our Veterans! The first Saturday of every month we partner with Uncommon Grounds Café to give thanks to our Veterans by providing a complimentary breakfast.

Please click the picture above to learn more and see pictures from some of our breakfast events.

The Aliquippa Diversity Council is excited to announce we will be sponsoring our 3rd Annual Community Baseball Game (Kids vs Cops) on Saturday, July 22nd at Lefty Cepull Field in Aliquippa. Games start at 1 pm! We have partnered with the Aliquippa Parks and Recreation Committee this year and are currently looking for vendors interested in participating!

The Aliquippa Diversity Council

is proud to present the B 24 Strong Youth Center. In honor of DiMantae Bronaugh, the board for the B 24 Strong Youth Center will give back to the children of Aliquippa to help them succeed and B 24 Strong!

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It is the Mission of the Aliquippa Diversity Council to provide community support and unity with diversity and
inclusion. We believe that unity builds strong communities and by building partnerships with key community leaders and organizations we can progress forward and all succeed together.

Throughout the year we sponsor many great events to bring our community closer together. Some of our events have been planting flowers in the community, Community wide Harvest party, and our Annual Community Baseball Game (Kids vs City Officials, Police and Firemen)

Please click the picture above to learn more and see pictures from some of our great events.

Upcoming Meetings

We will be putting together a meeting schedule for 2019 very soon! Stay tuned!

We were very honored to be given the opportunity to sponsor some of our Aliquippa Youth football players that were selected to play in a National Tournament in Florida the first week of December! We would like to humbly thank all that supported these young men in what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Without your support their trip would not have been possible! Thank you!!

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