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Aliquippa Diversity Council

Aliquippa Neighborhood Watch:

Since June we have held several meetings with residents, Aliquippa Police Department, Mayor Walker and Councilman Walker to form Neighborhood watch groups throughout our city.
Through our meetings there has been a consistency in residents concerns in all neighborhoods throughout the city. The most complaints are about the drug traffic, issues related to youth and the gun violence we have had in our city this summer.
A brief overview of our meetings:
This is NOT an Aliquippa Diversity Council project, this is an Aliquippa project. We all have a respnsibility to report crime in our city. We all have the ability to make a change. We all want to live in a safe, good neighborhood and raise our children without worries! No more staying silent or turning our heads, we all need to step up and do the right thing. If we want the perception of our city to change it has to start with us first!

Understand your options for reporting crime in your neighborhood.

We all have many options to contact Aliquippa Police Department, 911, call their non-emergency number, report through the crime tip email, or go down to the station.

We also have the option of working with Beaver County Drug Task Force.

Know your neighbors! Whatever issues you have with your neighbors, resolve them and build a relationship to help and protect one another. "Love thy neighbor"

Identify problem areas in your neighborhood. We will be making a list of tag numbers from Duquesne Light poles to have neighborhood watch signs hung by the city. If you need a sign in your area, let us know!

Start tracking information for drug traffic. If you have a lot of drug traffic coming around your house, start keeping a list. Write dates, times, how long they stay at a house, addresses, license plate numbers. Build a report to send to the crime tips email.

We will be forming neighborhood groups in your area of the city. We need a leader to manage their neighborhood groups and represent their neighborhood for neighborhood watch meetings. Meet with your neighbors and form a group and build a text chain for when incidents do occur you can contact everyone at once. If you are interested in being a neighborhood group leader please let us know.

We need safe houses in all neighborhoods for the children. When an incident occurs in your neighborhood, do the children know a safe home they can go to? If you are interested in being a safe house for the children please let us know.

It's up to every single one of us to change things and make a difference. We all play a part, either we are part of the solution or part of the problem! Every one says, we got to do better, this is how we all can, stop allowing crime to be acceptable in our backyards!

Crime reporting tips:

Emergency calls - 911
You can request for dispatch to not give your name and information over the scanner

Aliquippa Police Department (Non-emergency) Crime tips email

Detective Lieutenant Robert A. Chamberlain
District Attorney’s Office Anti-Drug Task Force, Coordinator
Phone: 724-773-8547

Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office
Individuals who have witnessed a drug deal in their neighborhood or suspect drug activity can send an anonymous tip to the Office of Attorney General by texting PADRUGS + YOUR TIP to 847411