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In honor of DiMantae Bronaugh, his Aunt Anita Gordon has a vision of touching the

lives of the children in Aliquippa. Anita's vision is to open a youth center in Aliquippa to mentor and tutor our youth. The Aliquippa Diversity Council believes in Anita's vision

and has welcomed her into our family to help support her and help her make her vision become a reality.

We are the DiMantae Bronaugh Youth Center. DiMantae Bronaugh,

one of Aliquippa High School's all-star running backs, his life and football career

cut short when diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.) a week before

he was to take the field his senior year.

DiMantae Bronaugh Youth Center is dedicated to helping to enrich the lives of the children in the
City of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Our mission, as an organization, is to provide effective educational programs that will introduce a variety of skills and enhance the talents

of the children attending the center, while providing a safe haven filled with hope and opportunity, ongoing relationships with caring adults and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.

DiMantae shall live on throughout our community and our hearts and will

FOREVER be #24 Strong!

DiMantae Bronaugh Youth Center

Board of Directors

President - Anita Gordon

Vice President - TBD

Treasurer - Jaimie Browder

Secretary - Brianna Vandenbord

Fundraising Director - Sissy Walker Anderson

Marketing Director - Jamal Woodson


Gina Batvinskas,  Herb Bailey, Chuck Browder, Charlotte Heyward

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